Free Sketch Template to Generate Social Media Images

I’ve found that the in order to get engagement on blog posts I share on social media I need to have an image. A great image makes the post stand out in someone’s feed.

The problem is that with everything else going on creating images is a pain. For a while I was using Canva but in order to automatically generate all the different image sizes for each social media site I had to pay to upgrade Canva.

I realized that I’m already paying for Sketch to build the ClipDish UI. I wondered how hard it would be to use it to create social media posts.

Turns out, I was able to build a template that I could reuse to quickly churn out these images.

I’ve decided that rather than keep it to myself, I’d share it with the community.

It’s Creative Commons licensed. I’d love to see what you do with it.

If you have any feedback that could make this template better, let me know.

You can get the template free of charge here.

Check out a demo below.


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