Chinese Takeout Dishes to Make at Home

I’ve been cooking for about 30 years. I’m pretty comfortable with cooking any “American” dish and my family heritage means it’s essential for me to know how to make great Italian comfort foods. I decided over the last year to branch out a little and try my hand at other styles of cooking. So, with […]

Boozy Eggnogs: Recipes to Brighten Your Spirits

Back in the mid-90s, I was a young software engineer. To close out the year, we’d have an in-office Old Fezziwig-style holiday party, replete with great food and drink. One of the engineers, Mike DeDominic, would whip up a couple of gallons of a homemade boozy eggnog that we’d enjoy while working through the day. […]

5 Summer Fruit Pies to Make Your Piehole Happy

A couple of weeks ago I was re-watching the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou.” There’s a scene where one of the characters steals a pie from a window. I always thought that was a strange place to store pie. Everyone knows that the only place a pie belongs is in your pie hole. With […]