Pickled Red Onions

making pickled red onions

What’s a chef’s favorite condiment? According to Chef Kenji, open the fridge of any chef and you’ll find a jar of pickled red onions. I’m no chef but I figure this is a good way to pretend I am. These are delicious and super easy to make.  

Crispy Oven Fried Wings from the OG Creator Kenji

I’m in LOVE with hot wings specifically the flats. If I go out to eat there is a > 80% chance I’m going to just order wings a salad or fries. Call me boring but I do it because I just could never make them as good at home. I have a convection oven which […]

Chicken Enchiladas de Ugly

Chicken Enchiladas with Two Ugly Mugs Gourmet Salsa

I stumbled upon the guys at Two Ugly Mugs when I was looking for some gourmet salsa. I was tired of the same old grocery store brands and wanted to try something new. Anyway, we struck up a conversation and the team sent over this great recipe for chicken enchiladas. Save this recipe into ClipDish […]

Jersey Barnfire Mini Tacos

Jersey Barnfire is a specialty hot sauce company based in New Jersey. They have an amazing Black Garlic hot sauce that I put on everything. This mini taco recipe is a crowd pleaser that you can serve at your next Cinco de Mayo party.

Mom’s Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate glaze sitting on a plate

When I was a kid my mom started making this pound cake. She still makes it to this day. It’s the ultimate comfort food for me. When I have a slice, I think of home.  My kids love this cake too so I’ve decided to learn how to bake it myself. I’ve posted on the […]