Vegetarian Finger foods for your Easter Brunch

Vegetarian finger foods for Easter brunch

Last Christmas my wife learned of my secret love of ham. If there is a ham on a counter it’s a good bet I’m slicing off a piece every time I walk past it. We’re now planning our Easter brunch and I’m pushing hard for more ham.

While I am quite satisfied with a ham-forward Easter brunch, the rest of the family wants a little more variety. In order to make them happy, I’ve put together this menu with some great vegetarian finger foods that use spring seasonal vegetables. 

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Jalapeño deviled eggs

I was introduced to jalapeño deviled eggs many years ago at an Easter brunch. It’s a great way to use all of those dyed Easter eggs. The peppers pack a little punch so make an extra batch without the peppers for guests who can’t stand the heat.

Egg salad cucumber canapés

Still have more hard-boiled eggs then you know what to do with? Try making this quick and easy egg salad served on top of a slice of cucumber. Need more gluten in your diet? Swap out the cucumber for a mini rye slices.

Parmesan asparagus

This cheesy asparagus appetizer is so amazing that no one will care if their pee stinks after eating it.

Cream spinach and artichoke dip

I have a friend who will stop into the grocery store and buy some pre-packaged dip to bring to a party. Let’s face it, we all have that friend. Do yourself a favor, give them this recipe. Tell them It’s easier than stopping at the grocery store. You’ll thank me.

Oven roasted artichokes with garlic dip

While the last recipe used artichoke hearts from a jar, this recipe makes fresh, roasted artichokes the star of the show.

Mushroom arugula flatbread pizza

Don’t have a pizza oven? No worries, use naan bread as the base for this earthy mushroom arugula flatbread from Dina at Simply Home Cooked.

Don’t forget…

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