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Top recipes of 2020, according to Google

For as long as I can remember Google has released a “Year in Search” that breaks down the zeitgeist of the public. This list includes recipes and it’s no surprise, with the pandemic raging throughout the country, people are cooking more and searching for comfort foods. I’ve rounded up those top recipes which you can stash away into ClipDish.

Sourdough Bread

When the pandemic first struck I remember how surprised I was that yeast and flour were missing from my grocery store shelves for weeks. It turns out people were making breads. 

Check out this sourdough bread recipe from the Clever Carrot.

Whipped Coffee

My kids turned me on to this strange concoction they found on TikTok. Whipped coffee or Dalgona coffee uses instant coffee crystals to make a delicious whipped coffee drink. It’s probably not going to replace your hot cup of morning coffee but it’s great for an afternoon pick me up.

Sue from My Korean Kitchen whipped up this recipe for Dalgona Coffee using four simple ingredients.

Disney Churro

Who knew how popular a snack bought in Disney World would be with at-home bakers? When the parks closed this year Disney shared the recipe for this cinnamony snack. 

Dole Whip

Another Disney treat. The Dole Whip is one of the most popular snacks at Disney Resorts. The recipe, guarded like the recipe for Coke, was published by Disney back in April, it’s only 3 ingredients and really easy to make at home.

Double Tree Cookie

Double Tree started offering their VIP guests chocolate chip cookies over 25 years ago. I remember traveling to a Double Tree and pleasantly surprised when I was given a warm cookie when I checked in. It made me feel like I was coming home. I guess when you’re home all the time you miss that “coming home” feeling or at least the cookies because it’s number five on Google’s list.

We bake Chocolate Chip cookies every year around the holidays. This year we’ll give this one a go.

Ikea Meatball

I learned this year that Ikea’s founder added a marketplace to his stores with the theory that customers with full bellies will spend more money. I also learned that when deprived of Ikea meatballs, millions of people want to make them at home. 

Jack and Martha recreated the IKEA meatball recipe and I have to say, with a jar of Lingonberry I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.


How do things enter our public consciousness? I’ve never even heard of a Chaffle yet it was one of the top searched recipes for 2020. What is it? I’ll give you a hint, while it’s not French, it is made of cheese. 

Give up? It’s a Cheese Waffle.

Gross? Not if you’re into Keto or trying to cut carbs.

This recipe from Gimme Delicious looks good and I might have to give it a try.

Hamburger Bun

So, it wasn’t just sourdoughs. People were also trying their hands at home made hamburger buns. Are homemade buns better than what you can get in the store? Let’s try this recipe from Jeannie and Jack and find out.

A trick I learned from Gordon Ramsey, toast the buns so they hold up better with a greasy burger.

Egg Salad Sandwich

People are searching for egg salad sandwiches? Hardboiled eggs, mustard, mayo, paprika on some toast. What could they possibly be searching for? It turns out there are 182,000,000 search results for egg salad sandwich recipe. I don’t know if they are all different but this one from Adam and Joanne uses avocado and is delicious.

Healthy Banana Bread

Can Banana Bread (or any baked good for that matter) be healthy AND delicious? Try this Skinny Banana Bread recipe from Lauren at Tastes Better From Scratch. It cuts down on the sugar and oil and is only 100 calories per slice.

Your turn

Did you search and clip any of these recipes in 2020? If you have a favorite recipe, pop over to our Facebook Group and let us know. Also, tell your friends. Maybe you can trend it on Google in 2021!


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