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Top 10 Super Bowl Finger Food Ideas

Hey ClipDishers! The foodiest day of the year is nearly upon us – yes, we’re talking about the Super Bowl.

Our beloved Eagles have made it to the big game and we’re ready to celebrate with a tasty touchdown of delicious appetizers.

What’s the game day food trifecta? For us, it’s:

  • Hot wings
  • Hoagies (or subs, for you non-Philly peeps), and
  • Pizza

Below we have some interesting variations on each, as well as few tantalizing surprises. Who’s hungry?

1. The BEST buffalo chicken dip ever

Yes, recipes for buffalo chicken dip abound, but this one from Riegl Palate is a standout. And don’t tell Ms. Riegl, but we actually make this with canned chicken … and it’s KILLER. Scoop up this tasty goodness with baguette slices, Fritos, celery, or Tostito’s Scoops.

This dip is amazing but you can never have too many variations on wings. If you want to try making amazing wings at home, check out Crispy Oven Fried Wings from the OG Creator Kenji.

2. Buffalo chicken, say hello to mac and cheese

Hey! Who invited all the buffalo? We did, because we can’t get enough of them. They’re so cute! (And spicy!)

This recipe from Emily Bites is to appetizers what chocolate and peanut butter are to candy. Food blogger Emily not only figured out how to marry these flavors perfectly, she figured out how to make them pick-uppable. (Yes, that’s a word.) Also? All of Emily’s recipes include nutritional info and Weight Watchers points. (BUT WHO’S COUNTING ON GAME DAY?)

3. OK, so you could buy salsa … but this one is just too easy (and tasty)

You were probably going to dump some salsa in a bowl, right? Just one less thing to make? Well Amanda at The Chunky Chef has this fast and easy alternative. Here’s the best part: This recipe takes just minutes to whip up, because it calls for canned tomatoes (but the really delicious kind … trust us).

4. Let’s say hello to our old friend bacon

Did you think we forgot the bacon? That’s crazy talk. Our friend Judy from Bake at Midnite is serving up jalapeno poppers WRAPPED IN BACON. Seriously? Why did we never think of this before? Now that we see it, it seems like of course that’s a good idea!

Even better, Judy provides some interesting variations on this recipe, including (wait for it …) using honey nut cream cheese to create a sweet and spicy contrast. She also provides a helpful little tutorial on which peppers you should use to get the right amount of heat.

5. No-cooking-required veggie roll-ups

After all that bacon, we should probably balance things out with some veg, right? Does it still count if the veggies are slathered in cheese and ranch dip? Get back to us on that, wouldya?

Kristyn at Lil’ Luna is helping us get our greens in with these delectable veggie tortilla roll-ups. She suggests adding in some sliced chicken breast or black beans if you want to make them a little more filling.

6. Super-easy, kid-friendly, savory pretzels

Ashley at Wishes and Dishes says this recipe is so easy she’s hesitant to even call it a recipe. But hey! Sometimes easy is delicious, and that’s certainly the case when you’ve got butter, garlic, and ranch on the recipe card. Bonus: Kids love these, so they also make a great after-school snack.

We dare you to eat only one.

7. Crispy, buffalo bites that are BAKED, not fried

Yes, yes, yes … another buffalo-flavored recipe. But the last one was all the way up at #2, so it’s time for some more. Don’t overthink it.

Yumna Jawad’s website Feel Good Foodie is a great source for Lebanese recipes but she also has a delicious recipe for buffalo cauliflower. I’ve tried to make it before discovering this recipe. They never came out quite right. It turns out the secret is you need to first batter and then baked to a crispy, golden finish. Yes, baked. We were expecting them to be fried. But NO! Baked. Simple, healthy, delish.

Oh, and if you you want some more healthy options, take a look at Vegetarian finger foods: meatless appetizers that even carnivores will drool over.

8. In Philly, we say hoagie …

As best we can tell, Christy Denney from The Girl Who Ate Everything has never lived in Philadelphia, but her hoagie dip recipe says otherwise … except for the turkey. No one from Philly would include turkey in an Italian hoagie. So if you’re from our neck of the woods, skip the turkey, but don’t skip anything else. People from elsewhere: It’s up to you.

The clincher ingredient for us? Pepperoncini juice. Just a tablespoon … but enough to provide just the right amount of zing. (Extra love to Christy for calling this a “hoagie dip” and not a “sub dip.”)

9. Pizza that’s truly a finger food

Alice at Hip Foodie Mom rounds out our food trifecta with a tasty pizza-inspired recipe. And while, yes, you eat pizza with your hands, it’s not exactly a finger food, right? Also, a whole slice (or several) can be really filling when you want to enjoy a variety of other things that are maybe buffalo-flavored or something.

This recipe not only turns our beloved pizza into a mini muffin, it’s also chock full of tasty toppings (which, obviously, you can customize to your liking).

10. Loaded potato skins that won’t load you down

Maegan at The Baker Mama is bringing home the bacon with our last entry: mini potato skins. Yes, just like regular potato skins, but smaller … because you use small potatoes! And once again, we’re going “Why didn’t we think of this sooner?”

And now, let us say without irony: This is why the world needs recipe bloggers.

Rubbing your spuds with olive oil and baking them … and then baking them again … and again (yes, three times) ensures that these little potato bites will be just the right amount of crispy in all the right places. There’s an art to this, people.

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