Thanksgiving Throwdown: What’s the Best From-Scratch Stuffing Recipe?

When I was growing up, my grandparents made two different types of stuffing. There was friendly competition between the families over which one was best.

On one side, a stuffing mixed with Italian sausage. On the other, a simple stuffing where the thyme and butter really came through. They were both delicious and it was hard for me to actually pick a favorite. Luckily, on Thanksgiving I could stuff myself with both.

This year, we’re keeping Thanksgiving small, just our immediate household. I thought since I didn’t have to please as many people I could be a little adventurous and try some other stuffing recipes.

I’ve narrowed it down to these four. They all look delicious.

Seafood Stuffing

This amazing stuffing from the family at Cooks and Kid should please even the landlubbers in your family.

Cranberry and Walnut Stuffing

Heidi at Foodie Crush shares her family’s stuffing recipe. She says the savory and sweet flavors are what make this Thanksgiving stuffing extra special.

Bacon and Bourbon Stuffing

Another stuffing recipe that puts savory and sweet together is this Bacon and Bourbon stuffing from Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess.

Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Stuffing

Can you have too many mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving? Pamela at Brooklyn Farm Girl (and all of PA Dutch Country) say “NO!” in this recipe for traditional Amish stuffing.

Will any of these recipes take the top spot in our family stuffing throwdown? Who knows but it’s fun to shake up tradition every once and awhile.

What to stuff a turkey with?

In our house, we always stuffed the bird with one of the two stuffings. Years later, as an adult, I’ve stopped putting the stuffing in the bird for two reasons.

One, I wanted to make sure that the turkey fully cooked without drying out. When you stuff the bird you have to leave it in longer to ensure that the stuffing cooks.

Two, if I leave that cavity open, I can put some amazing aromatics in there which enhance the flavor of the turkey. If you want something other than stuffing to fill your bird, try this:

  1. Microwave two apples and two onions both coarsely cut for a few minutes until soft.
  2. Insert the apple and onions into the cavity along with fresh rosemary and sage

Have you found a favorite Thanksgiving recipe that’s going to be on your table this year? Clip it into the ClipDish app for iPhone and you’ll have to forever.


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