skip the hot wings try these healthy finger foods

Skip the hot wings try these healthy finger foods

Ladies and gentleman, I have a problem. 

I’ve probably eaten over 1000 spicy chicken wings in my lifetime. I just can’t help myself. If there is a party and wings are present, I’m diving in. 

This is El Wingador – you can’t eat more wings than him.

I don’t think I can topple El Wingador in a wing eating contest but I’m giving him a run for his money.

I’m working hard to cut back on my wing eating. I know I won’t be able cut the hot-wings cold turkey (facepalm emoji) but if I give myself some healthier options it’s going to help. I’ve found some great healthy finger foods that will satisfy my snacking needs but be a little easier on the waistline.

Try one of these (or all of them, whatever, I’m not going to judge you – I’ve eaten over 1000 wings!) healthy finger food recipes next time you throw a party.

Crispy air fryer buffalo cauliflower

You’re not fooling anyone but if the chicken wing is just the delivery vehicle for the buffalo sauce then these air fried cauliflower bites delivery a nice spicy crunchy alternative to fried wings.

Buffalo tater tots

Ok, these are marginally healthier than fried wings. They’re baked so that’s a plus. Try these buffalo tots from Delish.

Seitan “wings”

There is no meat in these wings but seitan wings definitely satisfy the wing urge. This recipe is for BBQ seitan wings however you can definitely play around with the sauces to make buffalo styles wings.

Ok, let’s shift gears a bit and look and some non-wingey finger foods.

Spicy garlic hummus 

Hummus is good for you. Garbanzo beans are packed with vitamins and minerals. Put out some veggies with this hummus and you have a delicious healthy snack. Dip some pita chips in there if you want to make it a little less healthy.

Buffalo hummus

What? Someone made buffalo hummus? Sign me up. This delicious hummus packs all of the flavor of a buffalo wing into a healthier delivery system. Pair it with some celery and you might almost be fooled.

Cheesy bruschetta bites

If you love garlic you’re going to love these little cheesy finger foods. Cheesy bruschetta bites from The Skinnish Dish uses mini fillo shells to act as a vessel for the stuff you actually want – cheese and bruschetta.

Wait, there is cheese in there is that healthy? Relax. There is also fresh tomatoes and herbs so it all balances out in the end right?

Don’t forget…

You can clip any of these healthy finger foods that we shared here into our cookbook app ClipDish. Give it a try. You’ll never need to worry about losing a recipe you found online ever again. Plus, ClipDish strips out all the extra stuff just leaving you with a nice clean consistent recipe view.


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