Homemade BBQ sauces add zing to your next cookout

The first time I can remember the tangy taste of BBQ sauce was when my uncle would spread BBQ sauce on grilled hot dogs. Sure, the sauce was Kraft, but I was hooked. 

I’ll often skip the ketchup, even on french fries, and use barbecue sauce.

Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of store brands but this year I bought a smoker and have decided I’m going to expand out and try my hand at barbecue sauce from scratch.

There are 333,000,000 BBQ sauce recipes online according to Google. Lucky for you I’ve tried them all. Here I present some of my favorites. Throw them into everyone’s favorite recipe organizer ClipDish and slather some on at your next BBQ.

The best barbeque sauce for ribs

Ok, I’m biased. I made ribs a couple of weeks ago, slathered some of this on and my wife told me it was the “best meat she’s ever eaten.” This sauce is a Kansas style bbq sauce that. It’s made with tomato sauce and brown sugar which is tangy, sweet, and a delicious compliment to your smoked ribs.

If you’re smoking ribs, make sure that you put it on near the end of your smoke so you don’t burn the sugars.

Vinegar based bbq sauce

Sauces from Kansas City tend to be sweeter and thicker then their southern cousin the Carolina BBQ sauce. This vinegar based bbq sauce still uses ketchup but it’s has a really good bite from the vinegar. Try it on chicken or pork.

White barbecue sauce

If you’re going to smoke chicken you absolutely need to try the Alabama white barbecue sauce. This sauce was invented by “Big” Bob Gibson sometime before 1952 when he opened up his first BBQ joint. The sauce uses mayonnaise and vinegar. The fat in the may may keep the chicken from drying out during a long smoke. It’s a pretty simple recipe that doesn’t over power the chicken.

Meathead over at Amazing Ribs has duplicated the recipe, give it a shot next time your grilling or smoking chicken.

Yellow Mustard Sauce

South Carolina is known for a barbecue sauce that omits the ketchup and swaps in yellow mustard. According to South Carolina Barbecue Association this sauces origins are traced to the heavy German immigration to South Carolina in the late 1700s.

This sauce is amazing on pulled pork sandwiches. 

Korean Barbecue Sauce

Korean BBQ sauce is sticky, sweet, garlicky and delicious. For a quick and easy dinner, grill a sirloin steak, slice it thin. Then add to a soft taco shell the beef, plenty of this sauce and some kimchi for quick Korean tacos and go crazy for your next Taco Tuesday.

Your turn

Have you tried any of these sauces? Do you have a favorite that isn’t listed here? We’d love to hear about it over on our Facebook page.


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