🛒 How to use ClipDish to help with your grocery shopping.

One of our most requested ClipDish features is the ability to add ingredients from recipes to a grocery list. We’re really excited to announce that today with ClipDish version 1.8 you can send recipe ingredients into Apple Reminders. 

What is the Reminders app?

Reminders is the checklist app built into iOS and macOS. Reminders lets you create lists, share them with your family, and even add items with Siri.  Try “Hey Siri, add milk to the shopping list.”  and I guarantee you’ll never have to keep a grocery list stuck to your refrigerator ever again! 

How do I use Apple Reminders with ClipDish?

Getting your recipe ingredients into ClipDish can happen in just two taps. 

While viewing your recipe, tap the Action button.

clipdish action button

Once you tap the button, an action sheet will appear. One of the actions is Send ingredients to Shopping list. Tap the action and the ingredients are sent to Apple Reminders.

How do I find my grocery list? 

Open Apple Reminders and you’ll find a list called “Shopping.” Inside that list you’ll find the ingredients for your recipe. 

Don’t like to use the name “Shopping?” No problem, open ClipDish Settings and you can change the default grocery list name.

You can watch the whole process in action in this 13 second YouTube video.

Can I change the name of grocery list?

ClipDish will send the ingredients to a default list called “Shopping.” If that list doesn’t exist it will create it for you. If you prefer, you can change the Reminders list name via Settings.

Tap the Settings icon, then you’ll see a setting for “Reminders Integration” Tap it and enter the name you would like to use for the grocery list.


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