I’m in LOVE with hot wings specifically the flats.

If I go out to eat there is a > 80% chance I’m going to just order wings a salad or fries. Call me boring but I do it because I just could never make them as good at home. I have a convection oven which is basically an air fryer. They should be delicious but often just end up soggy and sad.

This made no sense to me, I’ve read stories about people making delicious wings in their air fryer. It seemed like I was just missing a key piece.

Well it turns out I was missing two key pieces.

A rack to put on top of the cookie sheet. This rack lets air circulate around the wings.

And baking powder.

Everyone is writing about this technique but somehow I missed it. You can find all sorts of recipes just by googling “baking powder wings” or you can just learn it from the master Kenji López-Alt.

Kenji developed this technique back in 2009 while the editor of Serious Eats. He’s made an updated version in the video below.


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