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Start cooking.

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Clip recipes from your favorite cooking sites.

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The best recipe organizer app is the one that lets you stop scrolling and start cooking.

Use ClipDish to save your favorite recipes from the web, minus all the extra stuff. ClipDish strips out everything but the ingredients and instructions, so you can cook without all the clutter. Best of all, your recipes will be saved for future use. When your mobile device is your cookbook, ClipDish keeps you organized.


  • Save and store unlimited recipes from the web.
  • See only what you need: the ingredients and the instructions.
  • Use Chef Mode while cooking to view instructions at arm’s length, reducing the need to continually touch your device.
  • Plan meals faster and easier, with one handy list of all your recipe options.

Here's how it works ...

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Start searching.

Looking to make some Instant Pot tomato soup? Fire up your mobile browser and pop in your keywords.

When you find a great recipe, send it to ClipDish.

Just tap the share button at the top of your browser and hit “Send to ClipDish.” Whammo! Your recipe — again, only the recipe — just landed in your ClipDish.


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View your clipped recipe — without all the extra stuff.

Pop back on over to ClipDish to view your stripped-down recipe. No endless scrolling. No pop-ups. It's just you and your recipe.

When you’re ready to cook, switch over to Chef Mode.

Chef Mode lets you easily read your recipe while you’re cooking. We break the recipe down into step-by-step instructions using
really big letters.

Simplified controls make it easy to skip around using your knuckle, your elbow, or even your nose. (If you’re wrist-deep in Mama Antonella’s Magical Meatball Recipe, the last thing you want to do is swipe a finger across your screen, right?)

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Use your favorite recipes over and over again.

All your recipes are automatically stored in ClipDish. So next time you want to make Crazy Kenny’s Avocado Avalanche Dip, you’ll know where to find the instructions.

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Stop scrolling. Start cooking. Get ClipDish.