Stop scrolling
Start cooking

Stop the endless scrolling and start cooking. ClipDish is a recipe app that makes it easier than ever to save recipes you discover online.

The best recipe app is the one that lets you stop scrolling and start cooking.

Whether you’re planning meals ahead of time or looking for something delicious to cook tonight, ClipDish helps you get creative in the kitchen. Use this app with any recipe site, blog, or app, like NY Times Cooking, Epicurious, Allrecipes, TheKitchn and more!

When your iPhone is your cookbook, ClipDish keeps you organized.

Use ClipDish to save and store unlimited recipes from all your favorite recipe websites and apps.

Cook without distractions

Our distraction free interface puts the ingredients and instructions front and center.

ClipDish integrates with Apple Reminders so you can quickly send recipes to your Reminders grocery list.

Discover new recipes

Need some inspiration search and browse thousands of recipes clipped by the ClipDish community.

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